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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pink Floyd - Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

More stories than the Bible. More moving than The Titanic. More telescopic than Galileo. This is Piper At The Gates of Dawn.

Featured Feelings: Wonder, Terrestrial, Zero-Gravity, Exploring

Featured Lyrics:
Watching buttercups cup the light
Sleeping on a dandelion.
Too much, I won't touch you
But then I might.

Featured Song:
Rating: 10/10

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Burial - Untrue

Sitting in your car listening to the pouring rain crash on the cold rooftop above your head is the closest feeling you'll find to this ethereal soundtrack of panicked comfort.

Featured Feelings: Thick, Pushy, Chilling, Haunted

Featured Lyrics:
Holding you
Couldn't be alone, couldn't be alone, couldn't be alone
Loving you
Couldn't be alone, couldn't be alone, couldn't be alone
Kissing you

Featured song: Archangel

Rating: 9/10

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Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion

An album that grabs you by the hand and  thrusts you into the mind and shoes of a beautiful ballerina dancing the night away in a warm field at midnight.

Featured Feelings: Warmth, Soul, Playful, Curious

Featured Fyrics:

Sometimes the sun will shine, yes I am just doin fine
sometimes I'm not aware where I am or what I care
sometimes I'm well-to-do but I don't know what to do
sometimes I don't agree with my thoughts on being free

Featured Song: My girls

Rating: 10/10

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